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My visit to California was a really inspiring and refreshing trip. I was especially able to meet a fellow blogger, Jocelyn Quarles, who shares the same passion of style with me! We met up on a Saturday and we both took photos of each other! These ones along with another “coming up” style post were taken by her. We will be having some collaborations in the future, so I’m definitely looking forward to that! I’ll miss seeing her a lot though!

So, it feels really great to be back home with the family. I am also happy to see all my friends again! So here are a bit of my updates. School has begun recently and I am loaded with an extremely full semester. I used a lot of adjectives right there, but I need it for EXTRA emphasis. Although I’m gearing up for a full load, this will definitely not stop me from doing other things. I’ve just gotten more serious in my pursuit in learning about style and beauty. But wait, there’s more! I plan to learn more about things that go on in the home like cooking, organizing, planting! Since these things interest me, then.. why not, right? So as I’m getting my feet back on the ground: adjusting to the weather and the way life is here, my “normalization” will take a while. One thing is for certain though – that even if I travel, change location, change life style, I know I will be me – especially in the way I express myself through the way I dress.


There is a type of look that people always seem to associate with me. This is whenever they see a skirt or outfit combination that reminds them of me – my  maxi skirts and/or a simple and pretty accessory (usually a necklace). Elegance and sophistication is in my opinion the best way I can and want to dress. I have always found it nice when women wore things that have light, comfortable, and feminine qualities. That’s the peg I try to go for. Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman are among the women who inspire me to dress up casually but still with that sophisticated air. This is my signature style – just a normal pretty shade of a maxi skirt, just above my ankle or right on it and a very lightweight elegant piece of jewelry. Just like every person has a signature for documents and contracts, they also have their signature style. Isn’t it nice to know that even with all the mass produced clothes in the world, no two outfits can ever be worn the same way?


Don’t get me wrong, but there will always be that “style icon” that you’ll look up to and pattern your outfits after. Take note that in the end, YOU will create that brand new outfit combo, not the icon, but YOU. Only you know what to add to your exterior (or your outfit) that will most effectively communicate your being you (the perfect necklace to bring out your eyes, etc.). You will realize that it’ll be easier for you to keep up that “look,” your look, and soon, you might not notice but others will begin to be inspired to find their own signature styles.


When you find that signature style, I assure you that you’ll get up each morning knowing what you’ll be wearing and that you add something to your outfits (a small ring or hat perhaps?) for the adventures that the day will bring. The day starts well when one knows what one is doing, where one is going, AND what one is wearing!



What I’m wearing: Striped Top from H&M, Gold Maxi Skirt from Cache Cache, Black Pumps from Jessica Simpson, Bag from my Aunt, Necklace from J Crew (a gift from a lovely friend), and Wayfarer Sunnies from Aldo.


New Design!

It’s been long since I’ve written. I have been very busy with so many things especially during the December-January obligations that I’m sure we all have.

This post is basically an announcement that I’ll be improving my blog and I’ll be having a continuous flow of posts for your reading pleasure. Keep checking back! I’m sure I’ll have it up by February.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of my new header made by the talented Chesca Gamboa! I just adore her typography.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 5.42.42 PM

So far that is all I have for you! Stay tuned for the BIG REVEALING of my new interface!

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 3.56.20 PM

Jeans Swap

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetOn most days, I don’t really know what to put on, so I tend to wear whatever is comfortable for me. Pants and a nice top. I came across an article that mentioned a way or tactic to wear something other than the usual jeans/pants. A simple “pants swap” and wearing a skirt instead! I thought that this was so genius, that I tried it.

P1010439Don’t you think the outfit (as a whole) looks so much dressier and elegant when wearing the skirt? Well, I do! And I really like that it’s an easier way to keep oneself looking and feeling fresh and “stylish” all day long. I’ve got to start getting into the habit of wearing more skirts than pants especially now that the weather changes up from super typhoon to excruciating heat. All who can relate, I hear ya!

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetHope you enjoyed this simple outfit share! So keep it classy and simply YOU but don’t forget to mix up your go-to outfits once in a while! Happy weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 3.56.20 PM

A new kind of accessory

Tried and Tested Lulu DKSo what’s the newest and most convenient accessory in town? Yup! Those Lulu DK Tattoos in Silver and in Gold! Women who are in love with jewellery will surely enjoy this because I seriously do! They’re temporary tattoos that stay for long wear which means you’ll get to change up the mix once in a while.

P1010380I love the fact that with this, you can mix and match the designs to suit your taste, or to whatever engagement or event you attend. You can even pile it along with other trinkets. You can dress UP in it and even wear something very simple with it. I was able to get designs from both designs-Love Story and La Femme. They are pretty pricy but I managed to split the bill with Keisha and her sister to get myself some. For another design, I halved with my siblings. I wore these to the FilipinaZ Fair in Rockwell last week and I also wore them to school.


Love Story



La Femme


This type of jewellery is actually very unconventional because it stays on and you don’t need to worry about what your accessory will be the next day. Pretty amazing right? I personally like to add little trinkets, here and there, to keep my outfit looking alive and presentable.

P1010428In this photo, I tried to mix and match the gold and silver designs. It came out pretty good! Yay. Please excuse my sister’s foot (hihi). She’s a wonderful photographer! There are actually a lot of ways you can wear the designs. You can even match a lot of outfits with it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThis was a photo of one of my recent “Fashyon Friday” shoots with my friends. Simple, elegant, and classy! It mixes so well with the tattoos and it adds that “chic-ness” to the outfit. I’m thinking of posting more photos on the different outfit combos I’ve done with the tattoos. It’s very easy to mix and match things to make it work for your style and most especially, for your personality. What do you guys think?

If you love the Tattoos, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter at “luludk_ph.” There are so many different ways of piling these up, and styling them, and you’ll see it on their Instagram account. I think I’ll be ordering more soon! I hope that if you do buy them, that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do! Just think that with the tattoos, you’ll be saved that effort of thinking of a new accessory to add to your outfit. I know I did!

Blog Signature







(I wasn’t paid to write this)

Bath Essentials

Tis the season of rain and shine here in the Philippines. Isn’t it grand? It truly is the BER months and to all you Pinoys our there, this means one thing! It’s almost Christmas-time! Time for thinking of gifts, making shopping lists, and scouring the areas for different bazaars (hehe). That’s one of my favorite things to do!

So anyway, I wanted to write an entry on something that had to deal with style, lifestyle. I believe that more than the exterior essentials and “get-ups” of everyday life, that I should always manage to keep my life in check and to live what I preach. There’s no better way to exemplify it by living a well balanced lifestyle. Like I mentioned in my previous entry on exercising, we must always manage to keep a healthy lifestyle and not to lapse in and out of one whenever we feel like it. I’m sure you all understand what I mean because I, as a woman, always feel that tinge of laziness even when I’ve been ranting on and on about “needing to exercise.” Another thing that I realized I need to talk about is the bath essentials. I’ve been super excited to write about this because I love freshening up and looking, well, fresh! For months now, I’ve actually been thinking of writing a post on this and I finally see the relevance to write on it now. Yay! One of the things I actually splurge on are actually toiletries. Yes, guys, toiletries. If you do take a look at my luggage (whenever i travel places) it’s always half filled with toiletries while the rest of the space has my books, clothes, and shoes. You’re probably thinking that it might be an obsession but I can assure you that it is NOT because i do know how to save and to make sure I use things to their last drop.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.13.55 PM

These are my bath products guys. Notice anything? They’re mostly white. I love things that look clean and simple. It says a lot about me actually. I usually arrange my products by order in the shower room so that “my flow” doesn’t get disrupted – I tend to space out at times.

I always start with:

(1) Shampoo

For now, I’ve been using Head and Shoulders. I actually prefer the one with Almond Oil since my scalp tends to become sensitive at this time of the year. I settled for this one instead. It works as well!

(2) Conditioner

Which I use on my ends ONLY because I do not want to risk getting an oily forehead. I have hormonal skin, so I try to steer clear from any environmental evil factors that can damage. Regarding conditioners, none seem to work well on me. I always end up with super dry ends (that my friends can attest to). Fortunately, this Dove Conditioner works wonders! I can have bouncy and soft hair during the cold season! I am so happy that DOVE works wonders.

(2) Treatment

When time allows, I alternate this with my conditioner to give my hair that “hot oil” treatment that it deserves. I always tie my hair up into a bun so I owe my hair some apologies. This hair mask works so well and if I use it around once a week, I’m left with really manageable and silky hair.

(3-3.5) Dove Body Wash with my Loofa Sponge

I’ve recently begun using body washes instead of soaps. It isn’t harsh on my sensitively dry skin and keeps it well taken care off. Warning, do not use a sponge everyday.

(4) Acne Treatment Wash

I use this only as needed as a body wash.

(5) Foot Scrub

I think we know what this is used for. I always want to keep my feet nice and soft! Hihi

(6) Face Wash

OBAGI WORKS WONDERS GUYS! This is among the best facial washes ever. It’s very mild and is very much like Cetaphil. If you have the budget or have good insurance, I assure you that you will gain so much by availing of this.

(7) Lactacyd Wash

Obviously to keep you fresh!

That ends the bath portion! And, it pretty much covers all that’s needed in keeping you clean for the day. I really value cleanliness so I try to instill it in my life even in these small matters.

Random Question, do you guys still:

wrap your hair in a turban

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

A very unflattering photo of me but at least I’m showing you an example right? Hehe


do you dry it with a towel?

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 presetLet me know your hair drying style in the comments below!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.20.16 PM

Moving on to body care:

(1) A good combing does your scalp well. I tend to forget to brush or comb but I am doing my best to religiously spread the nutrients in my scalp.

(2) Don’t forget the lotion to lock the moisture in! Especially during these cold months

(3) A good spritz of cologne/body spray to keep you smelling fresh!

(4) Foot and hand cream! A must-have!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 9.20.08 PM

And, one of the longest and more arduous parts of my regimen, the Skin Care:

I am an Obagi girl so that’s pretty much all you need to know. I also use the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum (a super moisturising booster in your face care, promise!), a Moisturizer, acne treatment (when needed), and a skin lightener. That’s about it for my Face Care but I plan on writing another post about this.

All my products are affordable and after so long of a time of searching for products, I’ve found these to really be effective on me. So guys, find YOUR products because everyone has their specific problems/issues to get over. This ends my post on my Bath Regimen and Essentials! Hope you guys keep in mind that even in the most taken-for-granted parts of your day, you must always put your all and don’t forget to keep yourself pretty all day, even when you sleep 😉

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.38.26 PM



Trying Something New

It’s been a long time since I was able to write in the blog. I have only recently gotten the hang of how my schedule should pan out, so I have a foolproof way to keep my posts updated twice a week! Let me start by saying that this week will be a pretty fantastic week!


Things have been very hectic with family, friends, school, work, and my personal advocacy: WIWFM with Keisha. After a month of being back home, I can say that I am pretty well adjusted, meaning “super used to,” life here. I’m so happy that a lot of people have also been reacting well to our recent launching of the WIWFM movement. Amazing people have been telling Keisha and I how inspiring this movement has been for them. A lot have also expressed their intention in joining in! We will be filling you guys in, in how can participate because you definitely can and I’m sure you’ll be excited when you find out how you can. Keep tabs on our WIWFM Facebook Page and Instagram Page to know more!


This past month of August, I know that I definitely tried out so many ways of getting through the packed schedules, the long drives, and the overdue dinner dates with good friends of mine. Just as people adapt to changes in life, people adapt to the clothes available on the racks. Last June, while on my trip, I was able to add something new to my wardrobe. The ever popular and comfy Harem Pants, which I have always wanted to try out. It always looked so soft and it had pretty designs. So I finally got mine from Fashion Q close to the Walmart in Higland at a very affordable and student-friendly price. Speaking of which, I’d like to give a shout-out to Mary Seno, her sister, brother, and Alex Roces for bringing me there that day. There were a lot of good finds and when I go back to the States, I’m surely going to go shop there again.


Now after trying on a blue-patterned design and the black one, that I am seen wearing in the picture, I finally decided to take the black one because it was the best fit. It’s always a challenge to find the perfect pant that suits you the best especially when you’ve got issues to overcome in your bottom area. Everything will go smoothly if you locate that “problem area,” because then, you’ll learn to dress accordingly.


Wearing the pants also helped my outfits have that extra “oomph” and sophistication that I wanted to express. Dressing up isn’t vanity and “want of being seen” but it goes deeper into a person’s self – in how she/he is and wants to be seen. I like dressing up in an elegant but chic way. Audrey Hepburn is one of my style pegs (and I have no idea how often I have repeated this). Also, I am often mistaken as a teenager, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; unfortunately, there are inconveniences to it when applying for jobs and/or talking to elders. The younger you are, the less credible you become.


I chose to wear this combination, a cute smart casual looking top with the black harem pants, to keep the outfit age-appropriate but still casual looking. After all, for that day, I was only going out with a friend.


Top from Aunt | Pants from Fashion Q | Sunnies from Aldo | Sandals from Officine |Bag from Longchamp

Eventually, I got comfortable with this piece in my closet, and I enjoy wearing it. It also keeps me breezy in the tropical weather I’m in. So, the next time you see a stylish piece come out in fashion, run down through your standards and criteria of dressing, then if all comes into line, try it out! It’s always fun to try something new!


Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 11.38.26 PM








Photos by the amazing Mary Seno

Taken in Redlands, CA

What I Wore For Me: A Deeper Look Into the #WIWFM Movement

Someone’s wonderful post on Keisha’s and my advocacy on #WIWFM! I am so happy to have someone like her post about our movement. It’s definitely a great support and a strong push to move this advocacy further!

Little Voice

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It began with a conversation.

My batchmate, Keisha (, was lamenting to her friend Celine ( about how the erratic weather conditions in the country were making it difficult for her to dress up, to which they both agreed was just an excuse to not look their best. These were two beautiful young women; smart, confident and composed to others, yet somehow the inaccessibility of dressing up and looking good for themselves had been brought up.

As a resolution, they, along with a handful of friends, decided to dress up weekly called “Fasyon Fridays”, where every Friday of the week was dedicated to dressing up according to a common theme. One thing led to another, and that another turned into the fashion, beauty and style advocacy: #WIWFM (What I Wore For Me).

The What I Wore For Me advocacy sprang up from the desire to create a beauty movement that shunned the…

View original post 755 more words

#WIWFM: What I wore for me

Do I dress to impress or to express? Those are the questions that run through my mind as I wake up to dress for the day. “Who am I doing it for?” “Why do I even bother to dress up?” The answer is that I owe it to myself and to others to dress properly because after all, clothes were invented for us humans, not the other way around. What we wear shouldn’t dictate who we are, but should be an extension of ourselves.


Ever since I began studying in University, I saw the importance of dressing up well for myself, and for others. Whenever friends looked at me, they would often give me comments “Wow, you’re dressed up so much!” or “Oh, are you going somewhere,” or “Did you come from an event?” This didn’t bother me at all but encouraged me, because I knew that I was creating some sort of image for myself and helping others take a look at what theirs was or wasn’t.


As the years go by, whenever I have dates with my girlfriends, I notice they are wearing very nice combinations and styles, I compliment them and they tell me that they dressed up because they know that they were going to meet me. You can’t imagine how that made me feel! It’s always nice to be an inspiration for others’ self-actualization, right? I still make sure to tell others that they should always dress up, no matter the occasion, because the people around them deserve to see them dignified.


The #WIWFM Movement is an initiative by Keisha and I, both of us are budding fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and we would like to invite everyone, of all shapes and sizes, with their own preferences, to join us in enjoying to wear something for ourselves. We guarantee that you’ll see your whole new look and discover that style for you. Hey, you may even gain that self-confidence you so much needed! Clothes and the way we combine it to fit on our bodies can help us get over that and let us begin building that esteem that has been there all along.


What I wore: Green Printed Blouse (gift from a friend)|Rust Skirt (Forever 21)|Black Wedges (Officine)|Bracelets (from Keisha)|Sunnies (Ray Ban)

This Friday, you can join us in our little advocacy. All you’ll need to do is to simply dress up in amazing styles that you know are truly yours, add us on instagram @WIWFM Movement, then upload your photo on your Instagram. Don’t forget the #WIWFM and the other hashtags related to your outfit, location, feeling. And, that’s all! Be sure to keep checking out our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates and style shots and tips!

Its high time that you think differently about the whole “fashion thing” so when you dress up stylishly for the day, whether it be a day of sports, a day in the mall, or a formal event, remember that you’re dressing up for something more than just “looks” and your image. You’re doing it for you. Believe in yourself and dress with dignity for you. Then you can change the way the world sees stylish and good dressing.


Hoping to inspire,





Girl’s Night In

I apologize for not being able to post an entry yesterday but I was packed the whole day in school and in my other extra curricular activities. I had hoped to post my entry last night but my free time became taken up by a “girls night out” with very good friends of mine. I definitely enjoyed their company and we all got to catch up on each other’s lives.

Girl's Night Out

Due to yesterday’s occasion, I decided to write an entry about different ways to get to bond with girl friends without having to spend so much and to wake up the next day regretting many MANY things. I find that I feel much better waking up the next day without the grogginess that “last evening” brought. Life also isn’t merry without your BFF’s so it’s much better that you schedule these hang-outs every so often. Everyone might be busy, but just as we are busy with work, so should we be busy with having that change of activity, like rest.


Before the night out, you’ve got to plan who will be a part of the outing. Friends from High School? From University or work? A good mix of all of those? Just be sure to know who among your friends will mesh well and will be comfortable. The last thing you’ll want from this restful and chill meeting is awkwardness. You should also make sure to invite people who you are comfortable with.  So, invite a good mix among your girlfriends.


Before you message or call anyone, you should next plan the theme. Girls LOVE themes, well, at least I know I along with my friends love it. Last night, we were supposed to have a wine-night but since I planned it on the spot, we didn’t have enough time to buy the wine. We just had some leftover red wine and irish cream. Themes can be game board night or spa/makeover night. Instead of going to a bar or eating out a restaurant, doing it yourself at home is a very convenient and inexpensive option. As a university student, I prefer to do things myself because I spend less and I get to spend that quality time with my girlies. Anyway, the nights IN are planned to spend time with them.

Some ideas and other ideas


After you’ve planned it, then you go message and inform your friends. In the past, I have made the mistake of informing people too late so this caused a lot of delay causing some people to be misinformed. Make sure to give the exact details because it’s always best to start on time! You won’t be able to tackle many things if you start later and it’ll be especially sad if you don’t get to cover all the things you wanted to do – like watching a marathon of BBC Dramas.

Perfect Girl’s Night In movies



Since you want that quality time with your girlfriends, don’t forget to take time to talk to everyone and get to know how each one is doing. Catching up with one another is essential! If it’s not natural to you and our friends, think of those “conversation starters” like “so, how’s work?” or “how is the family?” I think that it’s important that these hang-outs cause girls to get closer and to become supports for each other. There will be something that your family and that men won’t understand and that only girls do, so find these sassy ladies who will help you grow and you can help as too.


Remember to concentrate on your friends, on having fun, and also on sticking to the theme of the event – the menu, the drinks, the activity. Don’t have TOO much fun because you also might need to drive home and get home safely. You can even try this trick so people are forced not to think of work!


Just tweak the punishment up a bit because you you’re all indoors anyway, right?

Unless you girls decide to go out and take a drive around an area. When the theme doesn’t call for an overnight, I always make sure to leave a little before 12 am because I realize that I still need ample time to get my sleep. After a good “girl’s night in,” there is a good night’s rest! If you are an advocate of sleep (like me), always be sure to start prepping yourself for leaving before you planned to leave. Sleep is an important part of rest so try to sleep at the right time so you can get to that optimal level of SELF! Warn your friends also so that they know when to expect you to leave.



To suit the ambience of your girl’s night in, you can also give assignments to certain girls on playlists or movies for the night. Here are examples of some. Pick the BEST songs you know off because this can really give the best mood of the night, without you guys even needing to be talking and screeching half the time about something that makes you excited. By the end of your session, be sure to schedule a following night in for that next time that you’ll definitely be needing super super soon.



With these, I am sure that any girl’s night IN will be a success and will be a good winding down for any woman. It’ll be a time to thank your girlfriends for being there for you and a time to get to know them as you guys grow older in life (not the physical way). Just as the saying goes: “Behind every great man is a woman,” “behind every great woman is a crazier best friend!” Do you agree? I’m sure I do! I’m lucky to have my girlfriends – who are honest, loyal, and normal people who make mistakes too. Keep ’em close!



a shout-out to all my girlfriends,


Inside my Go-to Bag

Part of any girl’s outfit is her bag. I’m sure all of you will agree that there is something that you’ll always need to bring along when you go out. I’m back home now and am gearing up for the schoolyear. I reorganized my things and changed my mindset from the vacation mode to work mode. I also recently changed the contents of my bag so I just wanted to share to you all what I HAD been carrying in my bag for the summer – the HOT one at that and how I manage to keep it light yet complete with the essentials that I need when travelling short distances, hanging out with friends, shopping, or even just doing errands.



I’ve been using a small tote black tote bag that goes perfectly with any outfit whether I choose to wear a casual or more dressy outfit. I often went to outings with some friends or out to do errands with my Aunt. So I choose to bring only a handful things. I used to have a problem of bringing everything with me but I learned that the heavier the bag, the more painful my shoulders and back would be. And, who would want that, right? So these are the things that I keep in my go-to Summer bag.

1. The Emergency Items

Tissue and hand sanitizer are my must-haves. I literally cannot live without these because there will always be a time when you’d need it. Believe you me. I also carry feminine wipes (for those very rare but unpredictable days), a mini-first aid kit (the container with the swiss cross which was designed by my younger sister), a compact mirror, a fan (because it is definitely hot is a lot of places especially at this time of the year in California), and a pack of mints for that fresh breath (hehe).


2. Money/Identification Items

Noone can leave home without their wallet with money (do not forget to remember to look at how much you have just in case), your important identification materials, your credit cards/bank cards, your keys, and yes, a PEN! You never know when you or someone would need one.


3. My Phone/s

Contrary to popular thought, this isn’t my most important item because I’ve actually left this a few times at home and YES, I have survived! I had two phones, one is my current phone while the other is an AT&T GoPhone that I used for the duration of my trip.


Let me know if you want me to make a post on the apps on my iPhone! I’d be happy to do it!

4. Les Sunnies

I cannot live without these because I am one of those people who get terrible migraines from heat and sun. Eye protection is also very very important for everyone! (Ray Bans Foldable Wayfarers in Light Brown)


5. Face Fresheners

I just pack a powder with a brush for touch-ups (Makeup Forever HD Powder), an eyeshadow (MAC Longwear Eyeshadow in Legendary Black) along with those free eye applicators, my trusty eyeliner (Urban Decay Eyeliner in Corrupt), sample sized mascaras, a lipstick (Smashbox Lipstick in Legendary), lip gloss (Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Rubellite), and some bobbie pins for those fly-away hairs that I seriously get irked with throughout the day.


I keep all these items in a little pouch so as to keep it organized in just one area. It’s easier to fish out and use that way. My sister made this pouch and I find that it’s so useful for so many things! It’s cute too!


6. Memory catcher

I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of bringing my camera. There’s always something beautiful to capture and remember in everyday life. This is a pretty good camera and is perfect for “beginners on a small budget” in photography like me. (Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS35)


And that is technically it. It seems like a lot but the items are actually surprisingly small so it’s fits perfectly snug in the little tote.


It can get difficult to keep it in place neatly when I constantly fish things out and place them back in but due to my being a neat-freak, I tend to place it back where it belonged. And if I can do it, so can you!


So with those things on hand, I am able to survive the day, keep refreshed, and still look stylish with that little black bag without having to bear any weight on my shoulders. Remember to bring the essentials only and fight that feeling of bringing everything you ever owned. They say that what one has in their bag speaks tons about that person, I wonder what that would make me or you? What do you think? Well, I do hope you found this helpful! Sorry about posting after SOOOO long! I’ve been struggling from jet lag and been settling down at home lately.


Welcome to the rainy months in the Philippines! And for this season, I ask you: “Now, what’s in your bag?”